What do you need the SEO promotion service for?

Your site will become the leader in search results.

Significant increase in the number of visitors.

Identifying the target audience and its requirements

Converting site visitors into customers.

Brand recognition among users

Consistent Expansion of Profits through Augmented Sales Performance.

How we work

Deep SEO Audit

We use a customized approach to promoting your website’s SEO, improving every aspect from eliminating errors to optimizing response time. We analyse your search engine rankings and study behavioural factors. We are the key to your online business success!

Competitor analysis

We perform an SEO analysis of your competitors in order to improve the success of your website. We monitor rankings. We analyse your competitor’s website keywords and expand the semantic base based on them. We will make your website stand out and be memorable.

Internal optimisation

Thanks to our unique technology for selecting platforms for external promotion and building a backlink profile, your website will become authoritative in the eyes of search engines!

External site optimization

We not only want to promote your site, but also to successfully maintain your results! With us, you will always be at the top of the search engine results. We support your results, constantly improve the semantic basis, analyse results and competitors. Nobody will be able to take your place!

Sustain and improve results

You are not the only one who tends to promote the site. The result obtained must be supported, the semantic core – broadened, the search results – analyzed. It is necessary to analyze competitors and their link mass. Competitors do not stand still, and will try to occupy your positions, but we will not allow them.

From 0 to 252,000 views in 7 months.

Taxiblues.md case study | Taxi blues cafe.

Through SEO promotion for 7 months from scratch, we achieved results of 19,000 clicks and 252,000 views.

From 30 clicks to 100 per day in just 2 months.

Case study avtoshini.md | Avtoshini.

By promoting for 2 months, we managed to increase the number of clicks from 30 to 100 per day. We also noticed an increase in the number of views from 500 to over 2000 per day.


If you decide to order SEO site promotion, you need to know our guarantees!

At ITMEDIA, SEO optimization is only done through white-label methods.

Commencement of rapid site promotion to top positions within two weeks.

We will achieve the maximum effect and offer you a comprehensive site promotion.

Internet promotion is not just about improving your position in search results and attracting traffic. We work with behavioural factors, which deliver a high result and allow a significant increase in profit.

Promotion in Google and promotion in Yandex are two different things, and our specialists take this into consideration.

Our SEO optimizers will identify your competitors' weaknesses and make the most of them!

Attracting the target audience is our main mission.

Our clients


Prices of SEO promotion


25 phrases for promotion

159€ monthly

6-month contract


100 phrases for promotion

249€ monthly

6-month contract


200 phrases for promotion

449€ monthly

6-month contract

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