Decide to order contextual advertising setting?

The right decision! Setting up your ad campaign professionally in Google Ads and Yandex, selecting the semantic core and negative keyword list will make it easier to show contextual advertising only to interested consumers, save your budget and multiply your sales.

Small and medium-sized business issues

Customers are needed

The necessity to advertise the new production or service

Find out if the new product is in demand

The need for profitable advertising

The importance of controlling the advertising budget

The problem solver - contextual advertising

Continuous flow of customers

Provide the sales department with requests

Increase website traffic

Ability to sell the product or service quickly

Full budget expenditure monitor

Advantages of contextual advertising

The announcement will be seen

by only those users, who are already interested in your products and services.

Unlimited list

you can use an unlimited list of keywords to promote your advertising.

Quick result

Results and profit in a short time, without having to wait months. Customers will be coming tomorrow!


Gift: Detailed analysis of your direct competitors.

We raised sales from 13000 lei to 596000 lei per month case | Korean cosmetics in Moldova

The result exceeded all our and our customers’ expectations! From the advertising budget of 35000 lei, we closed orders in the amount of 596.646 lei.

Increase sales from 5000€ per month to up to 42000€

Case | Online painting shop in Germany

315% increase in ticket sales

Passenger transport on various routes


How we work

Client communication and brief analysis

Initial communication with the client and completion of the brief will help us understand your goals and tasks.

Development of advertising strategy

We analyse the completed brief. We develop the advertising strategy and approve it with the client.

Closing the agreement and payment

We send you the agreement for review, negotiate the main points, sign and invoice you for the services rendered.


Setting up Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Yandex.Метрика, Google Tag Manager advertising accounts.

Monthly report

Every month we provide a report on the services provided and the results of advertising accounts.

Service price

99€ +15% from advertising budget

Our clients

and many others

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