Secrets Behind the Creation of Visual Content

Pictures say more than a thousand words and that’s why, when it comes to advertising, visuals play a crucial role in communicating your message in a fast and memorable way.
Discover the recipe for creating an attractive and effective visual:

  1. Tell your story. Think about what message or emotion you want to convey and create an image that evokes that feeling.
  2. Colours can influence our emotions and perceptions. Choose your colour palette carefully to support your message.
  3. Avoid visual clutter. Simplicity instantly fascinates your audience. Focus on the essential elements of your mission that you want to enhance.
  4. The 3*3 rule is a common technique used in composition. Imagine your image divided into nine equal squares by a grid of imaginary lines and place the important elements at the points of intersection.
  5. It sounds cliché, but details make all the difference. Make sure your image is clear and meticulously constructed, even when scaled down in size for social platforms.
  6. If you’re creating visual content for a brand or business, make sure you use branding elements such as colours, fonts and logos to exude consistency and authenticity.
  7. As well as static images, explore interactive formats, animations or mini-clips. Actively explore the diversity of options offered by social platforms to present your content.
  8. Test and experiment with styles and approaches to find out what resonates with you and your community. Analyze statistics to see which type of visual content generates the most engagement.

Remember that every image you create has the potential to communicate, inspire and leave an impression on the minds of those who see it. Be creative, be brave, and the results will not be long in coming!

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