Contextual advertising on Google/Yandex

We will create continuous flow of new customers, we will, provide the sales department with requests, we will increase site traffic. The possibility to sell the product/service quickly and the complete monitoring of financial expenses are not the only advantages of contextual advertising.

Advantages of contextual advertising

The announcement will be seen

only those users, who are already interested in your products and services. You can choose the region and time of your advertising to attract your target audience.

Unlimited list

you can use an unlimited list of keywords to promote your advertising.                                              

Fast results

Results and profit in a short time, without having to wait months. Customers will be coming tomorrow!


Analysis of your direct competitors as a gift!


315% increase in ticket sales


Passenger transport on various routes

SMM promotion

The capacity to form affinities with individuals constitutes a distinctive skillset. Furthermore, our central area of expertise revolves around harnessing this skillset to its fullest potential. Our approach involves not only drawing a fresh demographic but also cultivating their interest and guiding them towards successful conversion.

Advantages of SMM promotion

Wide coverage

Presently, the audience size of social media platforms surpasses that of television.

Creative concepts

We take care of generating creative ideas for brand promotion on social media and choose ways to deliver this content to the target audience.

Clients loyalty

SMM carries a discreet character and is perceived by users not as advertising, but as a news block.


The return on our advertising accounts is a minimum of 200%. Your budget is in safe hands.

SMM promotion case

Increase sales from €5000 per month to up to €42000 in half a year.


Case | Online painting shop in Germany

Fast promotion of the site to the top, increasing positions will start within two weeks!

Attracting your target audience is our main task.

Advantages of SEO promotion

Lack of an advertising budget

Unlike other promotion channels, SEO promotion in Moldova does not require an advertising budget, the price of the service being the only expense

A long-term result

In other types of promotion, if your budget runs out, your ads disappear. In SEO promotion, the result is enough for at least two years.


Trust in organic search results (SEO) is higher, often particular users skip ads and switch to organic search results.

Most advantageous promotion channel

Lack of budget and a sufficient result for at least 2 years places SEO promotion at the top of promotion channels by yield.


We specialize in crafting bespoke Landing Pages tailored to your specific needs. Are you seeking to attain optimal outcomes? Every project undergoes a comprehensive assessment by our seasoned marketer, enabling the implementation of strategic enhancements to elevate sales efficacy. The result is a meticulously refined landing page that guarantees a heightened potential for driving sales.

Development of websites of any difficulty

We use advanced technologies in the development of websites. We work with frameworks, popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Tilda. We develop custom written websites from scratch in Moldova, Russia, Europe and America.

In the agreement about website development are clearly stated terms, and we always respect them!

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