Ethics in Publicity and Responsible Communication

The world of advertising plays a vital role in shaping our culture and influencing behaviour. In this context, ethics in advertising becomes an essential component for building a healthy environment and trust between brands and their audiences.

Ethical advertising involves more than simply promoting products or services. It is based on sound principles that reflect a commitment to truth, respect and accountability.

Authenticity is at the heart of ethical advertising. The messages conveyed must be accurate and not distort reality.
Respect for audience diversity is another pillar of ethical advertising. Avoiding stereotypes and messages that might offend or exclude certain groups is essential to build a positive brand image.
Transparency in communication is also crucial. Audiences should be aware whether content is paid for or promoted. Tags such as #Reclaim or #Promoted clarify this, avoiding confusion between organic and paid content.

Finally, ethics in advertising is not only a moral requirement but also a long-term strategic investment. Building a reputation based on trust and accountability brings long-term benefits for both brands and society.

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