Evolution of the slogan and logo to date

Evolution is a constant in our ever-changing world, and slogans and logos have played a key role in shaping brand identity and communicating with the public.


Throughout history, slogans have evolved from simple descriptions to phrases with powerful emotional impact. They define a product or service and convey brand values and aspirations. For example, “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” became a refuge in a hectic world, and Apple’s “Think Different” encouraged innovation and creativity.


From stylized initials to recognizable symbols, logos depict the evolution of design and societal aesthetic preferences.
What’s remarkable is that despite continuous change, some brands have managed to retain their unmistakable identity over time. Think of the Coca-Cola logo, which has remained almost unchanged for more than a century. It shows the ability to adapt the design to meet new trends without betraying its essence.

The future of branding promises to be more interactive than ever. From the integration of virtual reality to 360-degree experiences, we are witnessing an ongoing evolution in how we connect with brands.

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